2019 Speakers

  • Guillermo Fiad
    Guillermo Fiad President, Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura

    Guillermo Fiad is a civil engineer who holds post-graduate qualifications in business administration and economics.

    He held executive and board of director’s positions in several companies related to the energy, infrastructure and agro-industrial sectors. Among other responsibilities, he was President and CEO of Duke Energy Southern Cone for over ten years, member of the AmCham executive committee, Director of AGEERA and President of the Renewable Energy Foundation for Patagonia.
    Mr. Fiad has held the position of President of Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura since December 2015, he will discuss upgrades and expansions at Rail 2019.
  • Marcelo Orfila
    Marcelo Orfila President, Trenes Argentinos Operaciones

    Mr. Orfila has held management positions at twelve major companies in Argentina. Recently working as a director of Aeropuertos Argentinos, Corporacion America, Mac Station and Grupo Monarch.

    In December 2014 Marcelo Orfila was named President of Trenes Argentinos Operaciones.

    At Rail 2019 he will discuss the operation and upgrades to the Argentine rail transport network.

  • Ezequiel Lemos
    Ezequiel Lemos President, Trenes Argentinos Cargas

    Ezequiel Lemos is a law graduate with a masters in business management from IAE Business School and post-graduate qualifications in international business from Daimler Benz in Germany.

    Mr. Lemos worked as a manger for Mercedez Benz and A.T Kearney and became a partner at Servicom Group in 2003.

    Since 2015 he has held the position of Preisdent of Belgrano Cargas y Logistica and at Rail 2019 he will discuss cargo upgrades in Argentina.

  • Wilfredo Rodriguez
    Wilfredo Rodriguez President, Administración de Ferrocarriles del Estado (A.F.E)

    Wilfredo Rodríguez was appointed the new president of Uruguay’s State Railway Administration in 2015.

    AFE is the state-owned company responsible for delivering passenger and freight service, as well as rail maintenance across the countries transport network.

    Mr. Rodríguez will present on his work to expanding capacity and upgrading the rail transportation networks in Uruguay.

  • Germán Correa
    Germán Correa Director, Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE)

    Germán Correa has held the post of Minister of The Interior and Minister of Transport and Telecommunications for the government of Chile.

    He is a graduate socialogists with a doctorate from Berkeley in the United States. He worked has worked as a public policy consultant for the United Nations Development Program and worked with the World Bank in the area of public transportation.

    He became President of the State Railway Company (EFE) in 2016 and at Metro 2019 he will discuss urban rail developments in Chile.

  • Alberto Valdez
    Alberto Valdez General Manager, PeruRail

    Mr. Valdez will join us again in 2018 to discuss the ongoing passenger and freight upgrades currently under development by PeruRail across this year’s host country. PeruRail operates luxury passenger routes from Cusco to Aguas Calientes and Cusco to Puno and Arequipe. The company also operates rapidly expanding routes linking Arequipe, Juliaca, Puno and Cuzco. Mr. Valdez will discuss the operation of these routes, expansions and upgrades at Rail 2018.

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Transport Manager, Linea Mitre - Trenes Argentinos Operaciones

    Ricardo Garcia worked as the head of operations for Metrovias since 1994 before becoming the transport manager for Linea Mitre in 2012.

    Ricardo Garcia has extensive experience in the opertions of high frequency commuter railways. He will discuss operations and future projects in Buenos Aires during Rail Latin America 2018 in Lima.

  • Katharina Jenny Arroyo
    Katharina Jenny Arroyo General Manager, Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia

    Katharina Jenny is a civil engineer with a masters degree in administration. She worked in senior positions for Mineria Escondida, Minera Spence, Codelco, Antafagasta Minerals and Minera Antucoya.

    She is a partner of the MAD Network (women in senior management) and in June 2019 she became general manager of the Antafagasta Railway Company.

    Ferrocarriles Antofagasta operate freight rail transportation across the boarder between Chile and Bolivia. Ms. Jenny will discuss this network at Rail 2019.

  • Gustavo Daniel Romera
    Gustavo Daniel Romera General Director, Ferrosur Roca

    Mr. Romera has acted as the General Director of Ferrosur Roca since November 2016, responsible for the management of our railway operations. In addition, Mr. Romera also currently serves on the boards of Ferrosur Roca S.A. and Cofesur S.A. Mr. Romera joined the company in 1982 and, since then, has held a number of positions, including member of our board of directors from December 2016 to July 2017. Mr. Romera received a degree as Mechanical Technician from the Escuela Técnica Privada de Fábrica Henry Ford-Consejo Nacional De Educación Técnica in 1972 and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in 1982.

  • Gustavo Ruiz
    Gustavo Ruiz Technical Director, Ferrocarril de Antioquia

    Mr. Ruiz will discuss the project to revive the railway network in the Antioquia region of Colombia.

    The network is projected to eventually include 76.9km of track providing passenger and freight transport with 16 stations. The technical specifications were approved in February on the project which is expected to cost $4.3billion.

    The project will link to the Metro de Medellin network at La Estrella metro station.

    Mr. Ruiz will outline the initial works during Rail 2019.

  • Vicente Abate
    Vicente Abate President, ABIFER

    Vicente Abate is a metallurgical engineer who gradutaed from Mauá School of Engineering.

    Mr. Abate is the president of Brazilian association ABIFER and consultant for Greenbrier Maxion and Amsted-Maxion.

    He has also worked as the director at the Instituto de Engenharia, ABENDI, SAE Brasil and the CONSESP of FIESP.

    Vicente Abate will deliver a speech on the Brazilian rail industry at this year’s event.

  • Liu Ming
    Liu Ming President, CRRC Latin America Corp.

    Mr. Liu Ming is the President of CRRC Latin America Corp, a major Chinese company which is rapidly becoming a key partner in major transportation projects all over Latin America. Mr. Liu Ming will discuss some of the innovations the company is bringing to the region and the successful projects they have supported in the region and globally.

  • Mark Pauwels
    Mark Pauwels Director of Sales - LATAM

    Mark Pauwels joined OTN Systems in 2010 and has experience working for the company in the Middle East, Africa and now Latin America.

    He has previously held management positions for Mobixell, Jungo, Actelis, TDSOFT, Bintec and AVM.

    Mr. Pauwels studied system analytics and economics at UHasselt in the Netherlands. At Rail 2019 he will discuss OTN innovations and Latin American projects.

  • Pablo Rocha
    Pablo Rocha Global Key Account Manager, Damm

    Pablo Rocha is an Argentine graduate engineer with a masters degree in Telecommunications Management.

    Pablo Rocha has worked in the telecommunications field for close to 15 years, working with some of the industries most important companies. In 2018 he joined DAMM Cellular Systems as the companies LATAM regional manager and global account manager.

    At Metro 2019 Mr. Rocha will discuss the companies work on the Cochabamba Light Train in Bolivia and solutions they provide in the region.

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