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The autonomous authority of Lima and Callao electrical transport system is a peruvian entity in charge to plan, coordinate, supervise, manage and execute the implementation of a electrical massive transportation system in the metropolitan area of Callao and Lima.


Peru’s transport regulator Ositran is responsible for managing, regulating and overseeing activities related to public transportation infrastructure. Created in 1998, the Lima-based agency oversees 16 road concession contracts, as well as 19 airports, seven port terminals, and lines No. 1 and 2 of Lima and Callao’s transport system.

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Ositran monitors the progress of each project, such as deadlines, maintenance of works, the quality of service, and compliance of concession contracts.


Peru’s Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversion) is a state agency tasked with promoting the participation of private investors in utilities and public infrastructure works, in state-owned assets, projects and companies and other government activities, with the objective of boosting the country’s competitiveness and its sustainable development.

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Functioning under the scope of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the agency was created in 2002 as a merger of the former Fopri, Copri, Conite and PromPeru, subsuming the responsibilities previously held by these agencies. ProInversion works as a state-funded department with technical, operational, administrative, economic and financial autonomy. The agency is based in Lima


Inca Rail SAC provides rail transportation services from Cusco to Machu Picchu. It offers premium economy, executive class, first class, and presidential class train services.

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The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Cusco, Peru. The company operates as a subsidiary of Crosland.


PeruRail is one of the tourism sector’s leading rail oeprators. Through a broad range of tourist train services, they offer our passengers unique travel experiences. Our two most popular destinations in Peru are Machu Picchu in Cusco and Lake Titicaca in Puno.

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PeruRail also offers high-volume cargo transport. Our services meet the highest standards of safety, punctuality, reliability, operating excellence, and quality. Their staff is highly committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, and we are constantly innovating while ensuring social and environmental responsibility.


Ferrocarril Central Andino (FCCA) is the consortium which operates the Ferrovías Central railway in Peru linking the Pacific port of Callao and the capital Lima with Huancayo and Cerro de Pasco.

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FCCA is a 305 mi (490 km) single-track standard gauge (1,435 mm) Trans-Andean mountain railroad linking the Pacific port of Callao and the capital city of Lima with Huancayo and Cerro de Pasco. FCCA is recognized as one of the top Railway Engineering Wonders of the World, climbing the Andes with 68 tunnels, 55 bridges, and 9 switchbacks/zig-zags.

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VIA LIBRE, published by the Foundation of the Spanish Railways, is a specialized magazine dedicated to the world of railways. The publication has a printed and digital version with different contents.


Metro Americas is a daily source for news and analysis into the latest urban transport projects across the Americas and beyond. Metro Americas features exclusive interviews, expert analysis, detailed project profiles and the latest industry tenders.

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With daily updates in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the website allows project managers, engineers, city planners and technology suppliers, to learn from regional case studies, stay up-to-date with key developments and understand the requirements from industry leaders.


To remain competitive, a railway or metro must satisfy its customers. With technology evolving and these passenger demands growing, railways and metros operators must seek more innovative ways to integrate systems and improve efficiency, commercial and operational performance.

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SmartRail World is your guide to our changing industry giving you the very latest news, views and comments from the world of rail and metro Signalling, Telecommunications, Passenger Information Systems (PIS), IT & WiFi and Fare Collection.


Xtralis, now a part of Honeywell, is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the very early & reliable detection, remote video verification, and rapid, effective response to smoke, fire, gas, and security threats.

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